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Our Community is Diverse

There is a mental health crisis in California. At Blue Shield of California, we know the basis of mental health begins in childhood and plays into a person’s well-being throughout life. That’s why we’ve teamed up with leaders across the country to empower youth, parents and educators early with tools to support youth emotional well-being.

BlueSky’s Approach is Grounded in Research

BlueSky boosts youth mental health by supporting programs that focus on three protective factors that the Center for Study of Social Policy has identified as key for youth well being:

Emotional Competence

Programs that develop children’s ability to effectively communicate their feelings and self-regulate their behavior.

Social Connections

Programs that provide emotional support and help solve problems through student-led clubs that tackle mental health concerns on campus.

Concrete Support

We encourage key community partners and Blue Shield of California employees to provide basic economic needs and support including food, shelter, clothing and health care.

A Message from Our CEO

“At Blue Shield of California, we know the essential role mental and emotional health play in a person’s overall well-being, starting in childhood. No one is immune to adversity, yet each person’s future depends on his or her ability to cope through life’s challenges. Our goal through Blue Shield of California BlueSky is to empower and support youth by helping them develop resilience and emotional well-being today, so they have a lifetime of good health in front of them.”

-Paul Markovich, President and CEO of Blue Shield of California

BlueSky Across California

With Wellness Together, BlueSky has launched in 20 middle and high schools in Alameda and San Diego
counties, with enrollment of over 20,000 students.

Alameda County Schools

  • United for Success Academy (Oakland Unified)
  • Westlake Middle School (Oakland Unified)
  • Urban Promise Academy (Oakland Unified)
  • Frick United Academy of Language (Oakland Unified)
  • Coliseum College Preparatory Academy (Middle & High-Oakland Unified)
  • Life Academy Oakland (Middle & High-Oakland Unified)
  • San Leandro High School (San Leandro Unified)
  • Lincoln High School (San Leandro Unified)
  • Bancroft Middle (San Leandro Unified)
  • John Muir Middle (San Leandro Unified)

San Diego Schools

  • Eastlake High School (Sweetwater Union)
  • Otay Ranch High School (Sweetwater Union)
  • San Ysidro High School (Sweetwater Union)
  • Castle Park Middle School (Sweetwater Union)
  • El Camino High School (Oceanside Unified)
  • Oceanside High School (Oceanside Unified)
  • Jefferson Middle School (Oceanside Unified)
  • King Middle School (Oceanside Unified)
  • ECB 37 High (San Diego County Office of Education Juvenile Court & Community Schools)
  • North County Technology and Science Academy (Middle and High—San Diego Office of Education Juvenile Court & Community Schools)

Youth Mental Health Resources

Whether you’re a parent, an educator or a young person - BlueSky has resources to help you learn more about youth mental health concerns. You’ll also find ways to get involved and make a difference in your community.