With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting so many lives, BlueSky - Blue Shield of California’s signature youth mental health initiative - commissioned a survey of U.S. parents to identify their children’s and their own top sources of stress in 2020.

What the new BlueSky Parenting & Mental Health Survey revealed is that parents across the nation are not only concerned about coronavirus and the isolation that it has create, but the many ways COVID-19 has impacted their children’s mental health.

While 1 in 3 parents said the mental health of their child is stressful for them, the survey found that 2 in 3 parents are actively discussing their child’s mental health and well-being at least once a month.

Parents are most concerned about COVID-19 37% their child's mental health 47% COVID-19 health concerns 43% helping their child with remote learning

Remote learning and returning to in-school instruction were also sources of stress for respondents.

We invite you to take a look at the survey results here.

Click here to view our survey’s press release.